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The Basics

All trips need to arrive at the Malibu Landing in Egmont, BC by NOON the day of their trip.  You will return to your cars by 3:00 pm the following Saturday (for mountain trips). What you do before or after these times is totally up to you, but don’t forget to eat.   

The Trip

Flying to Seattle, WA or Vancouver, BC:  details
Helpful time allotment information:

Seattle To Border: 2 hours 

Border Crossing: 0-4 hours details

Vancouver Airport to Ferry: 1 hour

Border to Ferry: 1 hour

Horseshoe Bay Ferry to Sunshine Coast: 45 min details

Ferry to Malibu Landing, Egmont, BC:  1.5 Hours

Total Time From Seattle: 6-10 Hours
 (Note times are approximate) 

Mountain trips, from here all you have to do is park your car and board the boat to base camp.


More Resources:

Transportation Info(Word Version- use this version to use hyperlinks)
Google Directions from Seattle - We suggest printing off directions as you can lose service on the Sunshine Coast. The GoogleMaps phone app also has a "download offline" function that works great.


Call us at 206-525-0791 with any questions. We're more than happy to help you plan your travel. 

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