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Above is a breakdown of how you travel from the Horsehoe Bay Ferry Terminal to Malibu Landing and Beyond Malibu's Basecamp.


The ferry gets your group and vehicle from North Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast and takes about 45 minutes. You will be taking the ferry that goes from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal to the Langdale ferry terminal. On both sides, there are food options to take advantage of while you wait for your boarding time. There is also food onboard the ferry (try some poutine!). 

Make sure your group understands to be back at your vehicle when the arrival announcement is made so that noone is left behind as vehicles drive off the ferry. Make sure to also note where your vehicle is on the ferry.


The cost is roughly $45.90 CDN per standard vehicle, plus $13.70 CDN per person. You are only required to pay one way.​ You can get pricing discounts if you aquire a BC Ferries Experience Card

If booking a charter bus or using a charter service, be sure to ask your company what part of the ferry you are responsible for booking.


Reserving a spot on the ferry ahead of time costs extra but is important for some weekends. Either way, try to get to the Horseshoe Bay at least an hour before the ferry you want to take.

Getting to the ferry AFTER your trip can be tight time-wise, so we suggest making a ferry reservation for the return trip.

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Your travel itinerary will largely depend on BC Ferry times. Look for the Horseshoe Bay to Langdale ferry route. It is about a 2 hour drive from the Malibu Landing in Egmont to the Langdale ferry terminal.


Plan to arrive at the Malibu Landing in Egmont at 12 pm the first day of your camp dates and depart at 3 pm the last day of your camp dates.

*Sea Kayaking trip travel days vary but camp arrival (12 pm noon) and departure (3 pm) times are the same. Ferry schedule times do vary from day to day, please read carefully.

For hiking: For Saturday morning, we recommend catching the 7:30 am ferry. The last ferry you can catch on your way to Egmont is the 8:20 am Saturday morning ferry.  A lot of people prefer to take the ferry Friday night and stay in Egmont the night before their trip ($10 per person to stay with us). There are a lot of places to camp and stay between Seattle and Egmont so feel free to get creative. If traveling on the ferry Friday night, the 7:05 pm is the latest ferry to take. We suggest taking the 4:45 or 5:30 pm ferry to get into Egmont at a reasonable time.

To catch a 7:30 am ferry Saturday morning, you should leave Seattle no later than 3 am that Saturday morning. To catch a Friday night ferry, you should be leaving Seattle by 1 pm at the latest– traffic is much worse on Friday nights, so give yourself plenty of time.


For hiking and 8-day sea-kayaking trips: On you return trip from Beyond, the 5:55 pm ferry is the first ferry you’ll be able to catch after your trip. 

For 7-day sea-kayaking trips: On your return from Beyond, the 6:45 pm ferry is the first ferry you'll be able to catch after your trip. ​​​​

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