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Participants and Parents/Guardians,

Due to the nature of our adventures and location in British Columbia, we have a few important forms to be filled out. Our health forms differ for Young Life groups and Non-Young Life groups, so please make sure to select the correct forms and participant guides. Please take the time to read our participant guides as they contain ALL the information you need to prepare for your Beyond Malibu Trip! For information on your group's travel and other specific details, please reach out to your local Young Life office or trip coordinator. 

Questions? Feel free to contact us. We would love to help in any way.


Important: Participants 18 and under will need parent or guardian signatures on all forms for Beyond Malibu.

​​​​​All Forms (and More!) Are Out​​lined in D​etail in the Participant Guides
​​For Young Life Groups:​​​​
Hiking Trip​s: Sea Kayaking Trips:
YL Hiking Participant's Guide YL Sea Kayaking Participant's Guide
For Non-Young Life Groups:​​​​​
​Hiking Trips:​ ​Sea Kayaking Trips:
​​​​Non-YL Hiking Participant's Guide Non-YL SeaKayaking Participant's Guide
Health Forms

Due to the physical element of a Beyond Malibu trip, a physical exam and a physician's signature on Young Life's Health and Consent form within 12 months of participating is REQUIRED for all partic​ipants and leaders. Signed physicals for school or other programs will not suffice. For safety purposes, it is very important that all forms are clear, thorough, printed out in their entirety, and turned into the
tr​ip coordinator prior to camp dates. Thank you for your attention to these details!​
For Young Life Groups:
Follow the link and create a username and password. Ask your trip coordinator for details to fill in the first part of the form. Detailed instructions regarding submitting your physician's signature can be found in the participant g​ui​des linked above. A re​source regarding the form from Young Life​ can be found here
Before departing for Beyond Malibu, y​our form should:
  • Be complete with a physician's sign​ature on the physician's signature page.
  • Have the physician's signature page faxed to the number on the page.
  • Be printed out entirely and submitted to your Young Life office including the physician's signature page. 
Physician Cover Letters- Print either the Hiking Physician Cover Letter or Sea Kayaking Physician Cover Letter and present to your physician at your physical exam along with the Camping Health, Consent and Release Form and physician signature page.
For Non-Young Life Groups:​

A complete Camping Individual Health and Consent Form is required for all non- Young Life participants. Below, choose what type of health form packet you will need based off of your type of trip. Please bring the form to a physic​al exam and have the physician review and sign the form. After completion, turn your form into your trip leader. More detailed instructions can be found in our participant guides linked above. 
Hiking Trips:​​​​​
Sea Kayaking Trips:
Non-YL HK Camping Health and Consent Form
Non-YL SK Camping Health and Consent Form

Before departing for Beyond Malibu, your form should:
  • Be printed and complete with all insurance and medical information.
  • Be signed by a physician in the "Health Care Recommendations" portion.
  • Turned into your trip coordinator. ​

​​Prescription Medications​​
According to best practices for British Columbia adventure camps, our Guides will take possession of and dispense all prescription medications for participants 18 and under, except emergency medications such as inhalers and/or EPI pens. Our guides have completed Wilderness Advanced First Aid training and follow guidelines established by our Medical Director regarding the handling, administration, and documentation of prescription medications.
Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child has an adequate supply of needed prescription medications for the entire duration of this adventure, including travel time to and from Beyond Malibu. Medications must be in their original container with the pharmacist’s label. Prescription medications not in their original container with the pharmacist’s label (such as a daily pill box) are not acceptable. Label all over-the-counter meds with the camper’s full name and place them in a Ziploc-type bag. If your child is prescribed an EPI pen for severe allergic reactions, Beyond Malibu requires each child to carry at least 2 EPI pens while on a Beyond Malibu Adventure.​
Food Allergies/Dietary Restrictions​​​ ​
It is our goal that everyone is properly fed and cared for while on their Beyond Malibu adventure, so we take food allergies and dietary restrictions very seriously. We p​ack your group's meals before you arrive at camp, so it is very important that you contact us at least thre​e weeks before your arrival so we can be prepared to best serve you. 
 Proper Identification For Border Crossing

This only applies to groups traveling from outside Canada.

What type of border identification you need is determined by whether your group is crossing the Canadian border by air or ground, as well as the participant's age:

  • When crossing the Canadian border by air (flying into Vancouver): each passenger is required to carry a passport. Participants 18 and under must also have a Border Crossing Consent Letter (details below).

  • When crossing the Canadian border by ground:
    • Anyone 19 and older must have a passport, or other machine readable/scannable ID such as an enhanced driver's license, passport card, or Nexus Pass. The best option is always a passport.
    • For participants 18 and under, an original copy of a birth certificate, a government issued picture ID, and a Border Crossing Consent Letter (details below) will suffice in place of a passport.

  • Border Crossing Consent Letter- This applies to all participants 18 and under, regardless of how you cross the border. It must be signed by a parent or guardian and it gives the designated trip leader permission to travel with those under 19.​ A sample form is included in each participant guide. Please contact your trip leader for your group's specific form. 

Packing Lists and Physical Preparation
Packing and Equipment Lists:

​Physical Preparation:

​For Trip Leaders and Trip Coordinators Only:​​​​

Reservations for Non-Young Life Groups:
Non Young Life groups use a Third Party Guest Reservation Agreement sent by email from the Beyond Malibu Office, available online to view terms.  For non-Young Life groups affiliated with an organization, please use the ACCORD Form to provide proof of insurance.

Reservations for Young Life Groups:
Reservation Confirmation 1 (R1)- Due December 1st or if booking past December, the day you book.
Reservation Confirmation 2 (R2)- Due February 15th along with a $200/trip deposit.

Allergies/Dietary Restrictions:
We take food allergies and dietary restrictions very seriously. If anyone on the trip has an allergy or dietary concern, our office needs to know so we can best serve your camper and keep them safe and healthy. Trip leaders, please communicate to Beyond Malibu any food allergies or dietary restrictions in your group at least THREE weeks before your trip. Our office will take care of all of the communication!

Supplement Sheets:

Trip Questionnaire:
For trip leaders (leaders coming on the trip)​: please fill out our Trip Questionnaire (online form, email us for the link) by June 1st. Please read Trip Leadership and Content before filling out this questionnaire. 
Border Crossing Documents:
Malibu and Beyond Malibu Border Crossing Consents ​-specific instructions concerning this form will be emailed to the trip coordinator prior to the trip. 
10 Day Call-In:
​Expects a phone call 10 days prior to your trip where we will connect regarding logistics and trip content.

​Trip Registration:
2020 Beyond Malibu Registration Packet - due 24 hours before your trip. If you have multiple trips, pay special attention to the "Trip Log" tab.
Final Trip Preparation:
         Final Trip Preparation

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