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Serve From Home

Some of you've been up the inlet, you have felt the splash of rain on your face, and you've seen the sunsets; when you hear the sound of a tent zipper or smell the salt water the memories come flooding back.  Well even though that was a few years back and the thought of picking up a paddle or strapping a pack on your back may not seem quite as enticing now, you still can be integrally involved in this ministry! 

Look and pray through these ways that you can get involved and when you found something that you'd like to help out with contact the Beyond Office to let them know.  If you don't see anything that resonates with you then talk with us anyway to figure out your own unique way of helping out.  We realize that helping out with selection committee and training are very natural areas for people to want to be involved with but we have more need in other areas at this time.  So we encourage you to think outside the box and figure out how God has uniquely gifted you and how you can use those gifts to support Beyond.
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