Mountaineering and sea kayaking involve a lot of specialized equipment, but don’t worry.  Here at Beyond Malibu we provide almost all of the necessary gear for a successful trip, including: a huge first aid kit, tents, stoves, food, eating utensils, ropes, harnesses, kayaks, PFDs (life jackets), paddles, helmets, and a lot more.  We can even provide packs and sleeping bags for people who can’t bring their own.

Just like with any camp, we do expect our participants to bring their own shoes and clothes.  Conditions can get crazy on the water and in the mountains so below you’ll find a comprehensive list of clothing and equipment needs as well as a few helpful notes on clothing material and fit.


  • Pack Layers: The best way to moderate body temperature in unpredictable and ever-changing conditions is to pack in layers.  At Beyond we recommend packing a base layer, one or two insulation layers, and a waterproof layer for both your upper body and lower body.  You can see the specifics below but this is the idea behind our suggestions. Click below for a printable PDF you can use as a packing checklist.
  • In the backcountry COTTON IS WRONG.  Beyond is technically in the middle of a temperate rain forest.  Cotton is great at absorbing moisture, which in our context means it gets wet, stays wet, and makes you super cold if you wear it.  Nothing should have cotton in it at all, especially underwear, socks, or anything that touches your skin directly.  Since exceptions are what prove rules, we do recommend bringing a bandana or two, which can be cotton.
  • Keep in mind that you have to carry (in a pack or a boat) all of your gear.  All of our suggestions balance warmth and waterproofing with weight and bulkiness.
Hiking Clothing and Equipment List

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