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2021 Staff Dates

Application Due Dates

Guide Staff Applications: Still OPEN

Base Camp Applications:  Still OPEN


Training Dates  Due To Covid 19 Restrictions we are making adjustments to our 2021 Training Season.

Call us with any questions you may have. As you can see from our trips dates we are pushing our schedule later into the summer.  This will also impact our training schedule.

Returning Staff:                               



Ministry and Leadership:               



Map and Compass:                        



Rock and Rappel/ Kayak/ ALL STAFF:                            



Snow and Ice:                                  



Summer Dates

Opening Base Camp Crew: TBD

All Staff to Beyond: TBD

WAFA Training: TBD

10-Day Training: TBD


Base Camp Closes:  

Contact Us

Beyond Malibu
PO Box 15662
Seattle, WA, 98115-0662

CALL US: (206) 525-0791
FAX: (206) 525-1207

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