Beyond is a big family and big families ought to stick together.  There are lots of ways to help out with Beyond throughout the year, so if you still have a heart for Beyond after your summers of service we'd love to have you back. Here are a few ways you can stay involved:

Bring a Trip

Get your Young Life kids together or just grab your friends and family and head back up the inlet.  Planning a trip is a great for staying involved and one of the best ways to contribute to Beyond's sustainability.  If you're interested in bringing a trip, click here or give the office a call at (206) 525-0791. 

Give Financially

You understand what it takes to keep Beyond going.  Financial donations are what have allowed us to expand Basecamp, purchase a new boat, and provide participants with great equipment.  There is a lot more to be done and we would love your support.  Click here to get more information on how you can support Beyond financially.   

Keep Serving

We'd love to have you come back for another summer with Beyond.  Maybe you want to spend another summer guiding or helping to keep basecamp running.   We have lots of oportunites to serve during the off season as well. Don't wait to be asked, just jump on in and give us a call, (206) 525-0791.

Visit Basecamp

Few escape Beyond without realizing what a special place and community it is.  We have a few spots almost every week throughout the summer to host guests.  Contact the office if you would like to join us for some time in Basecamp or Egmont. 

Contact Us

Beyond Malibu
PO Box 15662
Seattle, WA, 98115-0662

CALL US: (206) 525-0791
FAX: (206) 525-1207

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