Sea Kayaking Trips

Get Beyond the chaos of life and spend a week or more on an adventure at sea.  Beyond Malibu sea kayaking trips begin with a day and a half of training at our dock in Egmont, British Columbia to ensure your trip is awesome and safe.  From there your group will journey together, building friendships, and taking in life as you paddle through rapids, view marine life up close, swim at the base of waterfalls, and explore the breathtaking wilderness surrounding these  beautiful inlets.  A two or three-person guide team will keep you safe as you enjoy the wildlife, the campfires, and stars.  This same guide team will help you explore the depths of God while you navigate the relational, spiritual, and physical challenges of the trip.  Each adventure lasts either 7 or 8 days and can be designed to fit your group’s unique needs.  Come and be a part of the beauty of God’s creation.  Discover God in new ways, through creation, your friends, and in yourself.  Go Beyond.



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