Mountain Trips

Each week-long mountaineering trip gives you the chance to get Beyond your normal life and walk into a great adventure. Every Saturday to Saturday trip begins and ends with a night at Beyond’s base camp nestled along the shoreline of the Princess Louisa Inlet. Spend six days and five nights hiking and building friendships like you’ve never had before as you work together to reach the summit of one of British Columbia’s beautiful mountains. Every route is different and some  offer the chance to rock climb, rappel, and peer into ancient crevasses on your way across a glacier. The real adventure, though, is the chance to spend a week finding God in the wonders of His creation and in the faces of your friends. Every group is led through this exciting spiritual and physical expedition by a well-trained two or three-person guide team. Beyond’s guides tailor each trip to the unique dynamics of each group and work hard to ensure your safety as you learn about wilderness travel. So come spend a week with us and see God in creation, in your friends, and in yourself.

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