5 Hours

Five hours is a bit more of a chunk out of an afternoon, but let's be honest, so does fighting traffic all the way to the shopping mall and then loosing all your money to stores that really want it.  So next time skip all that stress and enjoy a fullfilling afternoon serving a program that has given so much to you already.

  • Come hang out at the Beyond Office and help out with some of the behind the scenes action that makes the program tick.  Payment will be good conversation and a warm cup of tea or coffee!
  • Sit down in your own favorite reading spot and write out a reflective entry of your own Beyond Experience.  We are always looking for stories to feature on our blog and quarterly newsletter that share about how God is able to use Beyond in a real and tangible way in our lives.
  • Take a trip down memory lane and look through all of your old Beyond pictures.  Pick a few of the best ones and send them to us.  Who knows...you might see your own face on our website someday.
  • Take a friend out to coffee and reminices about your beyond expriences with them.  If the shoe fits maybe start planning your next trip or encourage them to make plan another on their own!  Maybe even get them to think about applying to serve on Beyond staff for a summer!
and finally...

  • Call up the Beyond office and talk with somebody about your own idea of how you can help out Beyond!
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